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About Us

DANK Capital is a private investment firm incorporated under the Mexican statute regulating this type of entities (Sociedades Anonima Promotora de Inversiones de Capital Variable or SAPI de CV).  Our core business is to invest on behalf of our clients — from domestic and foreign institutions and individuals— who allocate funds to our strategies. 

For domestic and Latin American clients, we provide access to asset classes and investment areas normally difficult to reach efficiently by the investors themselves, like U.S. equities. These areas offer advantages in terms of capital protection (as funds are invested in USD and following very well defined strategies) and relatively high investment returns in USD as well as local currency. The investment strategy also yields very contained volatility levels irrespective of market direction.

As mentioned, the investment focus is on liquid U.S. equities and other asset classes like commodities (e.g., precious metals) as far as there are liquid vehicles like ETFs listed in the main U.S. exchanges.

Our well-defined active management investment strategy and focus allows us to offer clients investment vehicles and/or structures that have fixed-income like returns (e.g., a fixed rate or yield for the year) or full exposure to U.S. equity markets.

DANK Capital is not a broker, it is a private investment firm that manages its own resources as well as the capital entrusted to it by its clients.

As a firm, we are fully committed to work for the benefit of our clients providing them with market insight, ideas on capital allocation and alternatives to other investment strategies and vehicles that do not offer the risk/return results that our firm can offer. Our full energy and knowledge is totally devoted to building a better financial future for our clients and investment partners.


For fixed-income like structures, ROIC of 10% per annum (in USD) could be expected.

Our strategy combines technical analysis with fundamental factors to deploy the available capital on a daily basis. Given the consistency and low volatility of the realized returns generated by our strategy, our firm is able to offer different structures to our clients, going from fixed income type returns to pure equity returns, depending on length of capital commitment (e.g., 6 months vs. 1+ years) as well as amount of capital committed. For fixed-income like structures, a 10% p.a. return on invested capital (ROIC) can be expected.

As our focus is on short term opportunities, we are able to offer clients the possibility of committing their capital for specific time frames (normally 6 months or more), as well as allowing investors to choose to receive return-related payments periodically, to facilitate the clients to manage their personal liquidity needs. The recommended minimum investment period is 6 months. We charge no fees or commissions.