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Is DANK Capital an investment broker or a bank?

No, we are a private investment management firm which invests its own funds and the resources entrusted to it by its clients. It is incorporated under the Mexican law statute that codifies this private investment firms or Sociedades Anónimas Promotoras de Inversiones de Capital Variable or SAPI de CV

Can anyone invest in the DANK Capital?

In general terms, yes. Institutional and individual domestic clients can invest with our firm subject to management agreement and authorization of the terms and conditions of the investment. U.S. based clients need to contact us prior to discuss legal and structural details.

Where is DANK Capital a legally form entity?

Yes, our firm is legally is incorporated as a Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversiones de Capital Variable or SAPI DE CV, the statute established in Mexican law that creates and regulates this form of investment entities.

In which geographies DANK Capital conducts its operations?

Our firm focuses its operations in the U.S. (liquid equities and real estate), Mexico (mainly commercial real estate) and some minor operations in the Canadian market.

Is DANK Capital an active or passive investment manager?

DANK Capital is an active investment manager in all the areas it invests in. In other word, DANK aims to perform better than the overall market of reference in all its investment areas.

Do investors have a guarantee for their capital?

DANK Capital offers certain products (with fixed income like returns) where it can offer real estate guarantees to its investors.

Can I get partial payments of realized returns? Are there any restrictions to capital withdrawals?

Yes, we have investment structures in which investors can choose to receive partial and periodical payments of realized returns. In general terms, there are no lock ups (restrictions to capital withdrawals) for investors’ capital.

In which currency are the investments made?

All equity investments are made in USD and returns are USD returns.

Which is the minimum investment period?

6 months for most investment structures.

How can I invest?

Contact us and we will provide the investment documentation package which has to be executed by the investor and DANK. It includes, among other information, valid ID, proof of address and other customary KYC. At that point, DANK and the investor will assess the specific financial situation of the investor and design the structure, including specific terms and conditions of the investment contract.